Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blogger I am NOT!!!

After much going back and forth back forth I have fallen to the temptation of a family blog!!!!!  I love my family and why shouldn't I share with all of you what's going on in our lives!!!  I guess with the age of "facebook" I keep thinking, "why bother?"  I've finally come to the realization that if you follow me through facebook it is quite possibly out of nosiness. . . . it could be just to see if Bobby and I have gotten fat after graduating from high school.  If you come to our family blog I hope that it means nothing more than the fact that you love us and care what is truly going on in our lives!!!!  Our lives are very simple.  Bobby and I grew up as "best friends" throughout high school and grew apart throughout college.  As we came near to the end of college for both us we had no idea what each other was doing or for that matter where each other lived.  I was pretty much at rock bottom in my life and decided I needed an old friend to cheer me up.  Cheer me up that he did.  About 10 months after reconnecting with him we were married and  so much in love!!!!  Bobby had just started a new job in Memphis and I was trying to prepare to finish my last semester of nursing school.  I was horribly home sick (I had NEVER lived away from my parent's) and desperately trying to show Bobby how very domestic I was. . . . .  Just 3 months later Bobby was laid off from his job and we were heart broken.  We did what felt safe to us, we moved back home to Corinth.  Fast forward a little . . . . . God blesses Bobby with a WONDERFUL job that he loves, I graduate from nursing school and receive a WONDERFUL job and life is great again.  This could take a while  . . . .  . . . so I will shorten this tremendously.  We then are blessed with our first child, 5 years into our marriage, Keller McKane Roach.  If you know him you know what a blessing he is.  Then when Keller was 3 years old McKendry Layne Roach was born.  In just nine years the Roach's grew from two to four.  The Lord only knows what is in store for us, but we KNOW with Him leading us we can do ANYTHING!!!!!

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