Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I like to think that I'm a blogger at heart.  The truth is, I blog and then save it.  I'll then read it and try to second guess how someone might interpret my blogs.  Will they think I'm trying to brag? Will they think I'm crazy? What will they think?  So, tonight, as I opened up my blog to compose a new one, my eyes drifted to the many DRAFTS that were in big red letters.  I opened up this draft, and found myself disappointed that I hadn't posted this blog.  After all, I created this blog mostly to have as a "journal" for my children to see one day.  The struggles, love, and thoughts of mom and dad in the midst of our crazy lives.  SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I say that to say this.  This blog is for my kids.  I should have posted this.  It makes my heart smile when I think about the day that I describe below.  Yes, it's a year later.  It's a memory though.  I want my kids to know they are important!

After coming off the weekend I feel myself so very thankful for life, love, friendship, family, shelter, all the conveniences of our modern day. I guess it really started last Thursday.  Thursday is usually the day I find myself looking forward to each week.  My day of nothing, a day to catch up on whatever I've failed to complete through the week. Honestly, it's the only day of the week, usually, that we have nothing.  Last Thursday was even more special at our house. We were excited that school would be out early, and it was REPORT CARD day!!!!!  I had forgotten the anticipated day until Keller reminded me as quick as he woke up.  As he left off to school I found myself racking my brain of what I could do to make this day special for Keller.  No matter the grades I knew that Keller had worked super hard, and I needed him to know that we were so very proud of him as a family.  I came from parents that NEVER failed to recognize my efforts academically.  This is our first year in school; we want to instill in Keller, and all of our children, the importance of striving, and doing our best in all that we do.  Keller hasn't disappointed in the least little bit.  However, his efforts at penmanship have left much room for improvement.  We started the year off with wonderful grades, yet unsatisfactory handwriting skills.  After our first six weeks with the dreaded -U- Bobby and I began to try and make handwriting FUN-Fun work books, apps on our phones, dry erase boards, teaching opportunities for Keller to teach his sister, tracing words etc . . . . At first our efforts were really of no interest to Keller.  He went through the motions, but never seemed excited.  Then, one day, it's like it clicked with him.  He started to recognize the praise and encouragement he was getting.  HE wanted to do better, He was excited about, and determined to better his grade.  

Some of you are thinking. . . . . . "oh, you just wait, wait till singapore math kicks in, wait for Chemistry, wait for college applications" I know, I know.  However, this was our mountain right now. Each mountain is a learning opportunity.  A chance to resound in Keller that life is a day by day challenge and we must put our best into everything- no matter how big or small.

I thought back to what I usually did on report card days.  My parents were never really the parents that rewarded us with money for good grades.  I have no problem with parents who do that, I totally see the incentive for the kids, but I don't want them to come to expect money for grades.  We've gone the other extreme . . . . .  we reward with a special gift ( for semester grades) and a special dinner for 6 weeks. Not really sure what types of scars or bad habits I'm creating with that.  My children may need therapy one day :-) As I racked my brain that morning on what to do for Keller; I thought back to the place that I usually picked.  I ALWAYS picked Russell's.  . . . . .  always!!!!  I got the exact same thing EVERYTIME that I went.  The sirloin for two (I split it with my mom) and I would eat EVERY last morsel of it!!!!!!  I can still remember thinking about how I would fix my salad, getting crackers and slathering them down with butter, and making myself sick on the garlic bread.  So, as I picked up Keller from school I had that on my mind.  He hopped in the van and immediately said, "I got my report card!"  I said, "Well . . . . .how did you do?"  He was quick to remind me that they were not allowed to look at their report cards until they were with an adult that they lived with.  Then he gave me the look..... the look like, "well . . . . . your the adult, come on, open that envelope!"  I handed him the envelope and let him open it.  As his eyes quickly scanned the report card he was elated!!!!  At the very top of his priority was his handwriting.  He had made S+ for the first time the entire year.  He had made straight A's, but the only thing he seemed overjoyed about was that precious + sign after the S.  I have to admit, I was pretty proud myself.  That expression on his face spoke volumes.  He had come full circle, and realized that all that hard work had paid off.  When we arrived home I told him that he could pick any restaurant he wanted, just as long as we could sit down at the restaurant.  He immediately said, "I'll have to think about it."  It was in that moment that I realized my children had NEVER eaten at Russell's.  I know, your thinking-crazy, right?  It's just that we tend to get a lot of carry out at restaurants, or we eat the exact same thing everytime we go out.  My children pick Pepper's, Don Julios, and Papa John's OFTEN!!!!  I took this opportunity to tell him about Russell's, and so many fond childhood memories.

Okay . . . . so maybe I influenced him a bit.  I'll admit, it might have been a bit selfish of me.  After all, it was his grades, his choice, his day.  I just knew that he would love it if he tried it.  Off we went.  It was a HUGE success for all of us.  McKendry and Keller both kept talking about how much they loved everything that they tried, and how it was their new favorite restaurant.  What a perfect night!!!!

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  1. What sweet memories. Glad you shared this. Now I'm dying to know if you and Keller split the sirloin for two like you and your Mom?