Thursday, September 20, 2012

HELLO Cooler Weather

     Tuesday was like most days in the Roach house.  Bobby got up around 6:30 to start getting ready for work, and I sluggishly joined him around 7:15.  I'm totally NOT a morning person. . . . . .  Our life is NOT like you see on the movies.  We DON'T roll over to give each other kisses to greet each other in the morning.  It usually begins with Bobby frantically turning the alarm off so, as to not wake up sleeping Kohen.  He crawls over me in the bed instead of letting his feet hit the floor on his side of the bed.  Why, you ask?  Why would he do that?  Well, welcome the original hardwood floors that we fell in love with when we bought this house.  The ones that now we DETEST!!!!  They are a source of amplified creaking throughout the house.  It's probably not near as bad as we make it out to be; BUT when you have a four month old that is lightly sleeping, and you need to get a shower it seems as if it resonates through the entire neighborhood with each exaggerated step that we take.  It's like it's all happening in slow motion.  Bobby is so much better than I am though.  I'm the one that hits the snooze button no less than 5 times.  All the while, I'm reasoning with myself on why I don't have to wash my hair, or I don't have to have a shower.  He usually pops right up after the alarm goes off.  It honestly is one of the many areas that I envy about Bobby.  Then with a groan and a sigh I usually will finally pry myself out of the bed.  By this time, Bobby usually has already gotten Keller up for school.  Sometimes Keller has already gotten up.  He's one of those rare kids that gets up for school before his parents get him up.  That's wonderful, I know, however, on a Saturday morning it SUCKS!!!!!  
     Anywho, moving on . . . . . . .  It was the usual morning of running around brushing teeth, being a Houdini with Keller's hair, packing up lunch, putting clothes on, prying him away from the TV . . . .  all the while we are spelling words for this week. Then at the last minute we squeeze in a cereal bar, or a cup of oatmeal for the car.  I know. . . . .  it sounds VERY organized doesn't it? I came back inside MAD at myself that I didn't wash my hair, that I didn't get up and do my quiet time, that I didn't have my prayer time . . . . . I sat down read through what I'm working through in my Bible, and opened my prayer app to begin praying. . . . . .  ENTER . . . .  cooing baby . . . . . . . . ENTER singing three year old on the monitor!  As focused as I could be, I rushed through my prayer time.  I know,  judge me if you will.  I've finally realized that a rushed prayer time with distractions in the background is better than nothing at all.  I'm not making excuses.  I realize that I should NEVER put that time on the back burner, and that I should get up right when the alarms goes off.  That way I can enter my quiet time and prayer time with complete focus and dedication.  I know ALL of that.  However, I am human and many mornings I don't.  Why shouldn't we be real with each other and share those parts of ourselves? Instead, so many of us, try to make our lives look like a fairy tale and perfect in every aspect.  I'm finally at a place in my spiritual walk where I'm completely and totally okay with admitting that.  For many of you who know me well, you know that is a huge step for me.  
      Fast forward to around 10 am when I walk outside to take the trash out . . . . . .  HELLO 64 degrees!!!!!  I'm so very glad that I'm that mother, the mother that didn't check the weather, and sent my son in shorts and a T-shirt!  Thank you God for your GRACE and watching over my children when I check-out . . . . . 

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