Thursday, January 19, 2012

A day in the life . . . . . .

It's been FOREVER since I blogged.  It's not that I haven't put my thoughts on paper . . . . . . . . I was looking today, and I have about 10 blogs that I just never posted.  Who know's why . . . . . .  they just didn't seem postable at the time.  Now, they are out of date so it just seems meaningless.

Much has happened in our lives since last posting. . . . . I haven't posted since September of last year.  It's amazing really to think of what all has gone in our lives.  We've had Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's.  I feel like such an inadequate blogger.  I should have posted the great pics of our first Halloween in our new neighborhood of our little Spider Girl and Captain American painting the town.  All of the numerous ways that our family has been blessed over the last year, and how very thankful we are of that.  Our wonderful Christmas spent with friends and family . . . . the list goes on.  I took pics of it all, and had good intentions of sharing, but honestly it's still ALL sitting on my camera along with the thousands of other pics that I have saved.  Think what you will . . . . . .  that's what I do though, I take the pics, and then take months, sometimes years, to do anything with them.

So, this year, as our lives get even busier I vow to try and do better.  I feel myself just thinking how crazy I am to say that, but REALLY . . .  I am going to make an effort.  Our new addition to our growing family should arrive the first of May . . . . . and I SOOOOOO don't want to be the mom that barely has pics of the little guy.  It just gets so hard, and so busy . . . .  BUT I know that I will be so glad, and he will feel so special if I stick to it and follow through with documenting our lives.  I'm going to try and make an effort.  Let's face it, life can be take from us at any given second, and I pray that my children will KNOW, and see that I cared enough about them to take time out of our busy schedules to leave them a legacy through pics and letters.

Today, as most days, McKendry and I spent about an hour of our morning snuggled up on the couch watching "girly" shows and relaxing.  I began to bargain with her how much I might be able to get accomplished without her having my undivided attention.  She seemed a little reluctant, but, as most days, I decided to slip out from under our blankets, and put it in high gear before time to pick up Keller from school.  This consisted of putting the television on her VERY FAVORITE show, getting out her favorite books, putting my phone on her favorite game, and then immediately tearing up the stairs in high gear to see what all I could get done.  I had about 30 minutes to get it all done.   .   .   .  I never know what I'm going to get, so I have to prioritize my duties of most to least important. ( the DIVA breakdown sometimes only gives me 5 minutes) I usually start with the kitchen sink, because it seems to be the catch all for most of the filth in my home.  I honestly feel like most days I unload, reload, unload, reload the dishwasher all day.  DONE. . . . .  I then move onto the other dungeon of our home *drumroll, please* the dreaded laundry room.  I turned the dryer on for the 15th time to "refluff" some clothes (15 is an exaggeration BUT third time is not), run to make up all of the beds, pick up the, count em', 7 pairs of shoes scattered throughout the floors, make a quick sweep over the dining room and kitchen floors, make the beds, flush the kids commode and wipe off the "waste" left behind (I would literally be ashamed for anyone to witness that first hand), pick up the scattered clothes here and there that the kids have shed 'just because', pick up bathrooms . . . . and the list goes on.  Take a second to look at my watch and I realize "WOW, I'm doing good, I did all of that in like 25 minutes and STILL not a peep out of McKendry!"  Then, I take a look in the mirror with what I have to work , in the next 5 minutes, for the day.  WOW, totally bad hair day  . . . . . .  maybe going to bed with the freshly showered head last night after teaching spin wasn't the best decision.  This is when you get the spray bottle out and PRAY that you can get it laid down enough to make it look like you tried just a little.  Oh well, no such luck, plan #2 the "old faithful" pony tail . . . . . . . WOW that's even bad.  Plan #3 pony tail with the baseball hat . . . . . . well, that will have to do.  Slap on the bare minimum of makeup, so as not to scare the neighbors, and then quickly run downstair to dress McKendry.  The spray bottle and brush, of course, for her, TOTALLY makes her look amazing . . . . .Oh to be able to do that again.  We then rush out the door to head into town to pick up Keller.  We go through our usual routine, wait in car rider line while McKendry usually watches a movie on the dvd player and I catch up on reading.  As Keller gets into the van we go through the usual "how was your day, show me your papers, what you want for lunch etc. . . . .  As I pulled out onto Harper road the piercing double beep of my gas alarm goes off, and I realize oops . . . .  might need to address that.  We proceed to get gas, and decide to make a surprise visit by daddy's office just to say "HI"!  We visit for a moment with Bobby, and then conclude that lunch out might just be easiest.  Off we go to McDonald's (don't judge me, it's totally necessary sometimes). . .  of course, not before stopping at Taco Bell b/c Keller decides a burrita' (as he pronounces it) would be better for his taste palate.  Lunch at McDonald's was actually uneventful, excluding the fighting over which game to play on the game screen at the table, yet in the midst of it when Bobby returned to the table after getting drink refills he reached over and hugged me and said "Do you find yourself wondering  how we're so blessed to live this life?" I thought "WOW, this really is the life!" (but said, "Bobby, I'm pregnant, remember, don't get the flood gates opened right here in front of everyone!")

I know it seems boring and cheesy to most, but what an honor to get to have this life we have . . . . . . .

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  1. Love that. A favorite book of mine is called The Magic of Ordinary Days. This post makes me think of that. This is the blessing of your ordinary days.