Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Keller!

WOW!  The last couple of months have been a whirlwind of fun.  . . . . . My mom always stayed at home with my brother and I during the summers.  I remember those days of waking up to see what fun new adventure mom had planned for us.  I wouldn't exactly call me that kind of mom, but I will say that we have stayed very busy.

This past weekend we held Keller's Water Birthday Extravaganza at our home.  I'll admit . . . . .  since staying home I have had to become much more creative on how to celebrate Birthday's on a budget. However . . . . . I've really enjoyed the creativity.  June usually creates a challenge.  The heat is almost unbearable, yet, Keller always wants to be outside.  This year was no different than any other in his request to PLAY outside.  Being the good mother that I am *oozing with sarcasm* I truly tried to talk Keller out of being outside.  He insisted.  Solution you ask?  Water . . . .  and LOTS of it!  We purchased every water toy imaginable within our budget and decided to embrace the challenge and move on.  We got up early that morning and filled the kiddy pool with water, set up the water slide, set the sprinkler up, and waited for the fun to begin.  As the children started showing up it was evident that our worries were just that, worries . . . . . . the children were having a BLAST!  How could this party get any better in Keller's eyes UNTIL his Great Aunt Cissy and cousin Jennafer showed up with their gift.  Cissy came to me in true Cissy form . . . . . .  asking me to approve the gift before we showed it to Keller.  I know that request may seem strange to most, but Cissy has a history of going a little BIG when it concerns birthday gifts.  As I walked to her car I wondered how in the world she could have out done the blow up fire station from years past. . . . . .

Needless to say, you can imagine the reaction of the kids. . . . . .  Heck, you can imagine my reaction as well.  I'm a kid myself, I was elated and so blessed for my child to have such a generous and loving family.  Who wouldn't want a mammoth slide in their back yard?  It's just that thank you doesn't quite seem enough for such a wonderful gift for our sweet Keller.  We will NEVER forget this wonderful birthday for our sweet Keller!  Thank you soooooo much for all that were able to take part in our special day . . . . . . . . everything was more than perfect!!!!!

 The perfect cake made just for Keller by his AA!
 Slip and slide fun compliments of daddy!
 A little push from daddy!
 Sweet Friends!
 Bubble's from the slip and slide
 Fun hanging out with friends in the pool!
 Everyone patiently waiting for their turn!
 Fun times!
 Sweet Andrew . . . . . it was his birthday the day of the party!
 Allie's face full of fun!
 Allie Grace sliding!
 Cora getting in on the action!
 Happy Birthday to Keller!
 Everyone wants some cake!
 Keller's new guitar from Mr. Shane!!!
 Keller's very own big boy robe that Gran Gran made!
Thanks Uncle Doug and AA for the Lightning McQueen table!

As you can tell . . . . .   we had a BIG time!!!!!  We thank God for our wonderful friends and family and most of all for the precious life of Keller McKane Roach!!!!!  

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